If you know me, you know that one thing that makes me tic is my pure desire to help people succeed. Whether it is at work, at school, at church or on the trail, nothing really excites me more than watching people achieve what they previously thought impossible.

I’ve been working through an idea to start up another blog that focuses in on business skills, goal setting and marketing topics. I have brainstormed a bunch of content and even put together some outlines. Thinking through the implementation of this idea, I have been drawn back to this Weekly Thoughts blog and how I’ve let it go dormant over the last few years. What started as a weekly devotional for me, has turned into something that I don’t invest time into anymore. In it’s place, I have invested time into my running blog and race reports as a way to capture memories of physical accomplishments. I’ve failed to keep up with a forum that challenges me to think deeper spiritually and grow closer to God.

And here I am ready to start yet ANOTHER blog.

I went for a run this morning, and a stark reality hit me square in the face. Without realizing it, I have divided my life into quadrants resembling stacks of quarters, pennies and dimes. “Work life” Spiritual Life” “Athletic Life” Family Life” have all staked claim to my heart and I have fought to keep them all separate. I’ve resisted bringing all but a few work and industry colleagues into my personal circle of friends. My church-going believer friends are separate from my running and college buddies.

I had a realization today that my work life, personal life, spiritual life and epic running adventures all intersect in the reality that makes me who I am. By placing everything into silos and stacks, I am in turn only offering a piece of each truth and revelation.

No more.

I’m taking a different direction with Weekly Thoughts where I will seek to highlight the intersection of sport, life, spirituality and work. I appreciate all the massive support I’ve had over the years and look forward to see how God will use this blog moving forward.

Hopefully, in the end, this reaches and inspires someone out there to break down their own silos. I hope it helps someone set some goals that make the impossible come into view. I hope that someone realizes that the spiritual strength that God brings will fill in some of the gaps. It all works together to make us who we are.

Please continue to comment on my posts and interact. Without conversation, this blog is flat.