I feel more and more like a stranger in this world

A traveler in a foreign land

While everything seems familiar and people speak my language

The buildings are crumbling into sand

Darkness and light fight deep within my soul

While I know that the victor has already been decided

The war rages on in the network of my mind

The eclectic emotions of life have all beautifully collided

I walk down the streets and wish I was in the mountains

Hitting the dirt I long for the familiar footing of home

Am I breathing toxic air through the network of society?

Can unplug from the mania that lights up the screen on my phone?

Like looking through the wrong side of the telescope

The things I thought were so far off are now blinding me

Wrinkles are no longer a stranger in the mirror

But, yet I know deep down that I am free

It is finished. Time to step out and live in that reality

It is finished. Balance love and justice in my soul

It is finished. Take my doubts and spread their ashes

It is finished. Through grace I’ve been made whole