I was in the airport today waiting for a flight. As I stood there watching the eclectic group of travelers, my gaze was drawn to a wall of color. The art display of giant puzzle pieces on the wall in front of me formed a collage of world landmarks and travel locations. Looking closer, I examined each piece. Each piece was so irregular but somehow fit together to paint a picture of beauty and cohesiveness.

2012 has been a year of puzzle pieces coming together for Julie and I. For the first couple of decades of life, Julie worked on one half of the puzzle as I worked on the other. Separately, we built out the edges one piece at a time. Those individual experiences/pieces that didn’t seem to make sense slowly came together as time progressed. When we met, the landscape of our lives developed into a further piece of art as the puzzle joined together. Together we have enjoyed 11 years of marriage and life experiences. While some pieces just seemed to fit, other times we wondered when we would find that missing piece or when that odd shaped piece would finally make sense and find a home.

This year, God has revealed to us more about the puzzle. The birth of our son this past march has filled in a huge missing section of the painting. Questions I have had about my career have culminated into a job that was custom scripted for me. Our experiences in Southern California have given us an active life that has led to a fulfilling world of adventure and travel.

The next big section of the puzzle awaits. The Lord has called us back to our home state of Colorado. Moving on to the next area of the mural of our lives we are stepping out in faith. While we have a whole table in front of us full of colorful odd-shaped pieces, we know that they fit together somehow. We must appreciate each piece and know that God has a plan – even though seemingly huge areas of white space still exist. All I need to do is look back on what has been created so far to appreciate the masterpiece of God’s plan.

Lord, may your blessings continue to fall as the pieces some together. Let me see the beauty in the pieces that lay before me, and may I trust your hand in my ultimate life painting.