There is a saying in Colorado when you are born there that ‘you bleed orange and blue’. Denver Broncos football is in your blood from day one. Holding close to the top consecutive sell-out records in the NFL, The Denver Broncos have packed in the fans through the good times and the bad. From Barrel man to the painted faces at Mile-High, Orange Crush ‘Broncomania’ makes Colorado one of the best football states in the country.

Despite all the loyal fans, it has been a while since they had something to cheer about in Denver. Since Elway took the team to back to back Super Bowl victories in the late 90’s, the team has struggled to find their way. Changes at quarterback, coaching, and the lack of ability to stay competitive has cursed the team for the last decade.

Then along came Tim Tebow.

The young quarterback and first-round draft pick out of Florida was the talk of the nation. I have to say that the mania that surrounds this guy is unlike anything I have ever seen in professional sports. For a guy with no tabloid stories about drunken rage, wife-beating, dog fighting or hookers, Tim Tebow has more press surrounding him than OJ Simpson. People can’t wait to blast his talent, his faith, and his existence in the NFL. The media and others have been relentless in their want to see him fail. For Colorado fans, it was a window of hope, that the team would once again be a force to contend with in the NFL. We had tried the traditional approaches to the game, and it was time to think outside the box.

I don’t know many people on the face of this planet that could endure such criticism from the outside world and pull through it. What if tomorrow, every media outlet told you that you sucked at your job? The work you have done well was now not good enough– in fact, you were horrible at it. People took it one step further and blasted your character even though you are a loving and giving person. They blasted your faith, the same faith that causes you to reach out and help the homeless, give money to charity, and do good works. In fact they told you that you are a phony in all you do and you may as well jump off a bridge. Multiply that by 1,000,000 and we may have a clue what Tebow has endured from his critics.

Here is what gets me about it all: Tim Tebow does not care what his critics think. He does not get his validation from his critics, coaches or anyone with a voice. He knows he is valued by God, and that God gave him a gift to be a competitor- a gift that he is using to the very best of his human ability. This gift he continues to work at each day and develop. His passion and drive to succeed comes from a want to connect his passion in a way that gives glory to something way more pure than this world could ever offer. He knows that he is not perfect. He says it all the time, but that is reality for any person, quarterback or professional on this planet.

The lack of concern for the criticism of others and his strong faith make Tim a competitor. He has statistics in his first year as starting quarterback that rival the best in the NFL. His passion, drive, focus and will to succeed have led the Broncos to some of the most exciting victories the Broncos have ever won. It’s more than football.

I have watched Tim this season, and I have learned from him tremendously. Tim is changing the world, I am convinced of that. Tim Tebow has inspired me to live a life every day where I am giving 110% to my job, my family and the gifts God has blessed me with. Instead of looking for validation from others, I am finding myself working to just focus on my own gifts and use those to glorify God. I am working harder than ever before. I have not been complaining so much about circumstance, and I am more fulfilled than ever before. As crazy as it sounds, I owe this inspiration to Tim Tebow.

Crazy things happen when you live your life this way. You start winning games in the fourth quarter. When you think your life is over, God opens a door to give you a shot at victory. He helps guide you and direct your steps. It definitely makes life a little more exciting. It’s always going to be a battle, but in the end, wouldn’t you want something really awesome to cheer about?

Thanks to Tim, not only for giving us Broncos fans something to cheer about, but for inspiring a bunch of us to live a better life that glorifies God.

“Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people, 8 because you know that the Lord will reward each one for whatever good they do, whether they are slave or free.”