I hate being sick. If catching the seasonal head cold isn’t bad enough, having to stay at home all day curled up drinking green tea and watching daytime TV is enough to make anyone go mad. One thing for sure, I have plenty of motivation to get back to work after channel surfing for 18 hours.

Posting my self-loathing sickness status update on Facebook, I had a number of friends write comments back to me ranging from ‘get well soon’ to ‘hey, don’t forget Oprah comes on at 4’. Gotta love my friends.

Sitting there bored with nothing better to do, I thought I’d flip the channel to Oprah, take a photo with my phone of the TV and text it to my buddy to let him know his girlfriend was on. Everything went according to plan, except my plans to flip the channel back to the other less-than-engaging show I was watching. Oprah had me roped in.

Now I have never in my life watched an episode of Oprah all the way through, but there are firsts for everything. Oprah had a show on vegan diets, where our meat comes from, and the health benefits of eating vegan. It was fascinating to see the process that our food goes through before it gets to your table. Humans consume over 9 billion animals a year and seldom do we ask the questions where our food comes from or what we are putting in our bodies.

Now I was not shocked by the process of butchering cattle, nor was it inhumane enough for me to swear it off as evil, but it was eye-opening to observe it on camera. Cattle are raised like crops, harvested like crops and eventually they get to your table.

There was a lady on the show who had written a book about being a vegan that was the ‘expert’ on the topic. I thought it ironic that she was not a nutritionist, but a proclaimed ‘lover of animals’ wanting to live in harmony with all life forms (except plants of course). Various people on the show took a challenge to eat vegan for a week and most felt better physically after the week was done.

OK I’m a cynic.

As an athlete, I hear about every sort of diet you can imagine and how they are all good for you somehow. All natural, gluten-free, no meat, all meat, vegetarian, vegan, low-fat, high-fat, low sugar, etc. What I don’t think people often realize is that the one thing in common with all diets is that people are PAYING ATTENTION to what they are eating. When you are paying attention, you typically consume less bad stuff and more good stuff. You don’t eat as much and you feel better.

Oprah brought up the needed realization of where our food comes from. As believers, our food that we live on should come from a spiritual source. When we stop paying attention to the source of our food, we start living in the world, worrying with the world, and we get tangled up in the world’s drama. When we are living according to a higher purpose, we are getting our food, our advice, and our power to live from a place that allows us to rise above it all. The key to it all is once again PAYING ATTENTION to what we are eating.

Am I eating too much TV, talking too much gossip, and spending too much time listening to negative people? Or am I eating up the promises and love that God has given us through his word and relationships with others. Am I taking nutrition advice from human sources and not listening to God Himself?

I do know that when I am PAYING ATTENTION I feel better. And man, I love feeling better….


PSALM 121:1-2
I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
   where does my help come from?
My help comes from the LORD,
   the Maker of heaven and earth.