As some people may or may not have noticed, I have made some recent changes to “Weekly Thoughts”. In order to accommodate a growing number of subscribers and accommodate a more flexible design format, I moved the site to another web host. While it didn’t change the weekly email format of the blog, the on-line presence is a bit different and it allows me more flexibility in content creation.

I am writing this, not to call attention to the site itself, (although I would love for each person reading to click to the site and comment on the discussion) but to highlight the fact that something I have worked on the past three years has undergone change.

Change is a double-edged sword. One piece of change offers up new excitement and opportunity, like sitting inside a new car for the first time. Your mind races with possibilities of grandeur, and your ideas grow like dish soap under running water. The flip side of change is the hardship it creates in learning and adapting to new tasks that were once mundane. Even the simple things can create great challenge as you work through a learning curve to bring you to a place of proficiency.

As I was working my way through this website ‘change’ I had a conversation with a friend of mine who told me he was struggling with his own ‘routine’. He has led a small group at his church for the past several years that has started to wear him out.  He knows that God called him to this group, but after several years, it was starting to grow a bit stale and he was seeking God’s direction on what to do. Should he end the group due to his lack of passion, or should he trudge through it to fulfill God’s original calling?


We have all heard the saying that “The only constant is change”, and it couldn’t be more true. Lately I have also been challenged with my own ‘change’ issues from my church changing names and format, to major life challenging changes that my family is faced with. It is all a learning curve, and it is all tough.

Through it all, we must take rest in the scriptures that tell us that change is often initiated by God. Ecclesiastes 3 tells us that “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”. These seasons in our lives are beautiful gifts from God, but often times they come to an end, and we must get into that uncomfortable place called ‘change’ in order to grow. Hopefully the rewards of growing both intellectually and spiritually are worth the hard decisions we have to make.

I trust those people struggling through change in their own lives can find what it takes to make the difficult choices, and trust that God will be victorious in the end.


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