Well, it’s back to work on Monday after an extended Thanksgiving weekend. I can’t believe how fast a four day weekend just flies by. Don’t get me wrong, it was great to have the extra time off, but it just went by way too fast.

As always, Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to reflect on the things in our lives that we are truly thankful for. This weekend was no exception. Waking up early on Thanksgiving Day, Julie and I went for a long ride in East San Diego County. We figured if we were going to pack away a few thousand calories for Thanksgiving meal, we had better burn some first!

The weather was crisp like the first crack of winter on a sunny day. The cool air seemed to nibble away at my bits of exposed flesh for the first ½ hour or so of the ride. Although it was cold, I kept thinking how thankful I was that we were able to ride this late in November. Some of my friends back in Colorado were not this lucky. The sunshine and mild climate that we have here provides the best year-round riding weather in the United States.

Riding along with our friends, I felt extremely fortunate to know so many great people. I thought about the friends I have been able to connect with over my lifetime, and what a blessing each person is. Cyber tools like Facebook have opened up a whole new world to past friendships, and really make a person realize how interconnected we all are. Friends I have lost touch with long ago are once again a part of my life. It is really amazing.

I also thanked God for what He has done in my life. I have not always been true to His promises or His ways. Through my college years, there was no relationship there to speak of. I lived as a part of this world, no different than the people around me. Even through it all, He never forgot me.

I crested the mountain vista and looked out into the vast expanse of hilltops and valleys. The beauty of it all made me think of what a blessing Julie is in my life. Through the relationship with my wife, God has shown me what it means to truly love someone unconditionally. It is a mirror image of how God loves the world. I am so thankful for my wife and the joy she brings into my life. Looking at the failed relationships and stressed marriages of others around me, I can’t help but realize how fortunate we are to have each other. God gave me my soul mate.

We finished up our ride and headed home to prepare some food. As I drove home I thought about the many things that I am thankful for. One thing that I do know is that no matter where anyone is in life, there are blessings to recognize. The homeless person who receives a free meal should give thanks, the millionaire who is able to bless the poor with a free meal should give thanks, and the middle-class American that is blessed with a roof over their head should give thanks. We are all the same in God’s eyes when we live for Him. Let us all give thanks.

Psalm 107:1
“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.”