It’s always a little awkward asking God to help you win a competition. I know God is not a God that plays favorites, but I honestly don’t think it hurts to ask for a little favoritism from time to time. A few of us here at my office have been meeting once a week to pray for our company and ask for just that- a little supernatural assistance to get us through this down economy.

A couple of weeks ago we were blessed enough to be awarded a project through the public procurement process. While to some people here at the office, the win was the result of hard effort, proper timing, and a little bit of luck, those of us that have been praying week-in and week-out know differently. God’s supernatural hand was all over this one.

As a marketing professional, it is my job to take the work that we have done in the past and spin it to pursue future work. It is actually much more complicated than that, but in a nutshell, it all comes down to positioning, strategy, relationships, and ultimately sales. Working for a young company has presented a number of challenges. We have a limited portfolio of past projects to highlight to potential clients. We don’t have a vast pool of corporate resources, or unlimited funds to invest in new technology and fancy marketing materials. We have very limited experience on the public side, and before this win we had never been successful through a public RFP.

This potential client had a total of six different projects that they were going to award to different firms. We were given the choice of interviewing for a selected project or interviewing generally for all six. While we as a firm were able to complete any of the six projects, we decided to choose one of the projects which was similar to work we had completed in the past. It was through prayer and discussion that this selection was made.

We all worked hard to prepare case studies, phasing plans, schedules and an approach for this particular project. Once we were ready to rehearse for our interview, we quickly realized that we had ‘over-prepared’ and we would run way over our interview allotted time. The decision was made to cut out over half of the interview material, and really focus on the key points in our presentation. We ‘hid’ the rest of the slides in power point in case the Q&A segment of the interview allotted time for any of the additional information.

We rehearsed our interview over two days, printed out our slide handouts and were on our way to the interview.

As we shook hands with the selection panel, we were introduced to each member. You are not allowed to know who is on a selection panel before the interview, so this was our first opportunity to meet the decision makers. We had guessed correctly on two of the four members. The third member was a advisory consultant without a vote, and the fourth member was a executive board member who’s physical office was in the building we had targeted for our presentation! What are the chances?

We went on to make our marketing pitch to the selection panel. When we finished up, one of the selection committee members spoke up, “Are you going to go through this case study?”

We all looked at each other dumbfounded. How did he know we had more information? He was looking at his handout. Apparently the slides I had ‘hidden’ in PowerPoint printed in the handout and none of us had realized it.

“In the interest of time, we decided not go through this level of detail,” our superintendant spoke up.

“Please proceed; I like what I see here”

We went on to finish our presentation to the committee, and we left elated. My co-workers could not believe so many little things and ‘mistakes’ seemed to work out in our favor. People couldn’t believe we picked the project that was directly related to the selection panel. For those of us in prayer each week, we saw God’s hand in it all.

We continued to pray for favor, and in the end we were awarded a contract. I have no doubts that God blessed it all. Even though His favor was on our team, it took a lot of work and diligence on our part to prepare. We didn’t just pray and sit back to let it happen. It took faith, hard work and perseverance. God honored it in the end.

It is beautiful to see the Lord bring small miracles to our lives. How much more beautiful is life as a believer in him when ‘lucky’ events are recognized as ‘blessings and miracles’?

Hebrews 11:6
And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.