I had a hard time seeing in front of me. On the first day of fall, I left my house early in the morning for a bike ride before work. The coastal fog (or as the locals call it ‘marine layer’) was so thick, that it essentially whited out anything more than 50 feet in front of me. Billowy curtains seemed to gradually fold back as I rode, revealing just enough of a path in front of me to keep riding along at a good clip. I was pretty excited the marine layer was so thick this morning, as the ride I had planned would hopefully take me above the clouds to the top of Mt. Soledad here in San Diego. This mountain summit sitting at 822 feet above sea level should be just enough to give me the airplane view I hoped for.

As I pedaled along, I dripped of condensation and had to stay focused on the task at hand. With the lack of visibility, the attention to detail was critical. One car pulling out of a driveway could end it for me if I was not careful. In my one ear, I had Pandora radio playing the ‘Chris Tomlin’ station. I figured some Christian tunage was in order to start the day off right. As if in unison, my cadence echoed the song in my ear….”God of heaven come down…heaven come down….”

I thought to myself, ‘Why do we always ask God to ‘come down’ to us? Isn’t He already here?’ Then the next song…”heaven rain down on me…” Strange I have never thought about these lyrics before. If God is all around us, why are we always asking Him to come ‘down’ to us like he is in space somewhere?

Meditating on this mystery, my mind was diverted away as I started to doubt whether or not the fog would break before I hit the mountain top. All of this work to be fogged in at the top would be a bummer.

Around the next little turn, a spot of blue seemed to pop out of the white sky as if trying to say ‘hello’. Soon the solo spot was joined up by a few more of his friends and they all began coming together to hold hands. With every last effort they banded together to push down the white sky and take back their turf.

Not much time passed after that and I could see the summit. The sun shown down on the cross at Mt. Soledad with such glory and I could not help but smile. The hard work was going to pay off!
The view was amazing at the top. I was looking down on an entire city blanketed in white cotton. I turned to look at a cross ablaze with sunshine. At that moment, I realized that while God is always here to offer his light, sometimes we have to do some work to get up to Him for clarity. Once we make the effort, He will often provide the clarity we were missing in the fog of life. While we sing “God of Heaven come down”, perhaps we should be saying, “hey there God, I’m coming up there to meet You. Just hang out there for a sec because I have a mountain to climb first.”

Thank you Lord for the start of another season. I hope it is one that I can use to bring glory to Your name.