I am getting tired of the alarm clock going off at 6 AM and knowing I have to get out of my comfortable bed and do yet another workout. Once again sleep walking through the motions of putting on my run clothes, I wonder if I will be able to sleep jog through the first mile before the sunlight fills my senses. I used to say that if God wanted us to see the sunrise, he would have put it at noon. Now I see the first light of day most every morning.

As the fresh air fills my lungs, my body beings to wake. My mind begins to fire off a world of thoughts, trying to settle into a rhythm that compliments my stride. I dream of crossing the finish line at Ironman, partially because of the accomplishment itself, and partially because that will mark the end of the ‘have-to’ workouts that are beginning to tax my 5’8” frame.

While my exercise activity varies each and every morning, the discipline of forcing myself out of bed does not. I am driven by the understanding that there is a goal in August that will be the biggest physical accomplishment of my life to date. I am driven by a coach who knows that in order to accomplish that goal, I must follow a plan. Self discipline is part of the process, and it is not the part that I love. It is however the accomplishment that I feel at the end of a 100+ mile ride or a 16+ mile run that I love.

On another bone crushing ride this past weekend, I started to think about what my true spiritual goal was. The Bible constantly talks about discipline, self-control, prizes in heaven, etc. What does this really mean? What does Matthew 6:20 mean when it says: “Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal. Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.”?

It struck me that I don’t really have a deep understanding of what this verse means. I know it is partially a matter of perspective that Christ is talking about here. When our ‘goal’ on earth is money, power, or status, our time and energy spent ‘training’ to accomplish these goals will mean a life wasted. We should have a spiritual perspective that defines our lives apart from these things. While I feel that I base my life on the right values, I still don’t feel that I have a spiritual understanding of the ‘goals’ that God has in store for me.

Perhaps writing this post is one of those things that will bring me closer to that understanding. Perhaps I need to stretch my faith and start reaching out more to our community. Perhaps I am already heading down a path of calling, and my friends have the perspective I need for clarity. Whatever it is, I think I need to focus on the goal as Christ defines it.

Do the majority of believers have a spiritual goal?

As I continue to stay disciplined in my physical training, I am beginning understand the deep rooted need to stay disciplined in Christ and move forward in Him. It’s not easy when that alarm goes off, but it will pay off on race day.