I didn’t invent electricity. I’m not the guy, believe it or not, that had the idea for Microsoft Windows, or had the foresight to develop the iPhone. I’m not a preacher that can control the masses with my well-crafted sermons. I will never be president or a famous actor in Hollywood. Nope. I am and will always be just a normal guy that lives in San Diego, works for a living and tries to find worth in the little things.

It is difficult sometimes living as a ‘nobody’ in this world. We are always wondering if our lives have meaning, and trying to fill our lives with purpose. My wife and I just watched the movie Seven Pounds starring Will Smith. Without giving the plot away, this film was the epitome of searching for meaning in life, and attempting to be someone who is remembered for doing something great. It is a deep and somewhat disturbing film, but I loved the movie and could draw parallels between the plot and the Christian faith all day.

I think all of us in some way have a deep desire to inflict change on society or somehow leave our mark in this world. I know I consistently get caught up in thinking I need to do something really big to be remembered for greatness. I just do not know what that big thing is, and I wonder if once it is all said and done for me on this earth if I will be remembered for anything more than being an avid triathlete that loved his wife dearly and served God the best he could? What differences have I and could I have made for greatness. Does my name have to be in the history books for my life to have had value?

I see faces of sadness every day I ride to work. The homeless man sipping his 40 at 7:30AM looks hopeless. I wonder if he has the same thoughts I do about worth as a human? I stop to ask him and he stares at me until I eventually ride off. Should I try to ask him again tomorrow?

How does my daily life of work, training, and spending evenings at home amount to much in eternity? I look at the Billy Graham’s of the world pointing people towards the cross by the thousands. How can I compete with that?

In the throes of it all sometimes it has to be the seemingly insignificant tasks we take on that collectively contribute to greatness. I like to think that it is the hundreds of small little things we do that God uses for greatness.

As quoted in the Bee Movie “Making honey takes a lot of bees, doing a lot of small jobs. Let me tell you something about a small job. If you do it really well, it makes a big difference.” We are all one body and one family. It is a beautiful thing to think about.

I will never be an astronaut so solve our energy problems on this earth. I’ll never be on the cover of Time Magazine. I do hope however that the small things I do for Christ will amount to something big in eternity, and perhaps if I am really fortunate, they can help change a few people’s lives while I am on this planet—today.

Lord, help me to find value in the small things. Help me use the gifts you have given me to further your purpose in this broken world. Help it all matter. Help show others that they can do the same.