It painted a romantic image in my mind the more I thought about it. I had just finished watching the DVR’d recording of “The Office” when Michael Scott walked out on his beloved peers to try something new. The words “I QUIT!” bring out images of grandeur as something you yell out in desperation when you finally reach the end of your rope. Last Friday was my day to throw in the towel and to begin writing the next chapter of my career. I was a real life Michael Scott. “What’s new Tim?”Well, I’m quitting my job tomorrow, what’s new with you?”

Preparing for such a meeting was more nerve racking than the start line of most races I have competed in. My stomach was in my throat as I looked at my boss for the past five and a half years and prepared to deliver the blow. Suddenly the off-color comment to my close friends became reality and ‘tomorrow’ was RIGHT NOW.

Light hearted small talk turned more serious and I began to spill the news to my boss who I deeply respect. “It’s not you…it’s me” didn’t come out of my mouth, but it may as well have. I told him how I found another opportunity that didn’t require as much travel, kept me a little closer to home, and challenged me a little more professionally. I told him that I was sorry to let anyone down, but I needed to move on.

And that was it. No slamming of papers or crashing doors. Just a somber lunch meeting and a nervous conversation. Michael Scott had me beat. Oh well.

The beautiful thing about life is how some chapters come to an end and at the same time new ones begin. God is there the whole time. New beginnings can be just as liberating as the conclusion to old books. We see all through scripture this cycle of ‘prologue-body-conclusion’ that defines daily life. I think the hardest part of being human is being patient through the middle part. Looking at my own job situation I questioned God’s motives numerous times as I struggled through corporate bureaucracy and stressful situations far too long for my liking. When it looked like God had opened up an avenue for escape, it would quickly become apparent that it was just me trying to force a square peg into a round hole. The doors would shut, and I was still stuck in the body of the story.

Looking back on it all, I can see that God was teaching me how to be patient and focus on Him. Once I let go of it all (and I did), numerous opportunities just opened up and the door was wide open. He took care of everything. This job was the easiest negotiation process with a company I had ever gone through. It was so obvious that it was never meant to be in my timing, but rather in His.

I know we all get to places in our lives where we wonder why. The hardest part is being patient enough for God to reveal His perfect plan. Only then can we successfully step through that door to start a new chapter of our lives.

2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.