This last Sunday morning I got up a little early to get a run in before church. It was a perfect San Diego morning. The coastal fog was just thick enough to provide a little crisp chill that was quickly appreciated once the blood started moving through my veins. I have a little run loop I enjoy which departs from my house and takes me up to a vista overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Once at this vista, the hill quickly descends to a place known as sunset cliffs. It is a magical place comprised of the picturesque view that tourists dream of. The ocean drops off in the horizon to the west, but only after painting an endless picture of perfect waves, sea gulls, and the occasional dolphin cresting in the distance. Every second I am reminded just how blessed I am to live in this amazing place.

While I am running, I have a lot of time to think about things. I have developed entire storylines for movies, had inspirations for new business ventures, and have pretty much solved many of the world’s problems. During these moments I cannot help but be drawn to thoughts about God Himself and just how amazing He must be to have created all of this around me. From the heart pumping the blood through my veins to the giant ball of fire in the sky, His creation is enough for me to explode with emotion.

On Sunday, I ran past a church where a cast of elderly people hobbled out of their cars to head inside the large wooden doors. A middle aged man dressed in a suit and tie greeted these people as they slowly made their way up the stairs. I wondered if God was any more in there than He was out here. I wondered how many years these church members had dressed up each Sunday and hobbled through those church doors. Did they come here to find God?

I started thinking about my own church. I thought about the young group of people gathering in the elementary school gymnasium to sing songs and listen to a sermon. I wondered if God was any more there than He was here with me right now. Was God more present at the old people church?

I started to think about my life at work. I think sometimes I must lock God outside the office doors on my way in. He feels much more near to me here on my run and at church on Sundays than in my office of chaos. This perception however is far from reality.

It is beyond our comprehension to serve a God that is omnipresent. We tend to keep Him confined to church or think He only exists in the outdoor beauty and peace that exists in nature. The simple fact is that He exists everywhere, all at once. That morning on my run, the elderly people in their fancy suits and I were both fellowshipping with Him at the same time in very different ways. It really blows my mind to think about.

I ran home Sunday with a new inspiration to be aware of God’s presence in my life at each moment. It has been a strange thing to think about really, when I am in a conference call about who will be laid off next. All I can say is I am really happy God doesn’t only exist in church or I would never make it through each day. My spirit, now more than ever, longs for His presence. This is the peace within. Never let me go Lord.

Hebrews 13:5
‘I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.”

(A big change is just around the corner….)