I was driving to work this morning thinking about the tasks that lay ahead of me. It feels like once a year over the holidays we get a free license to procrastinate on deadlines, bow out of work a little early, and just ‘get to it in the new year’. At the same time, we have the opportunity to get somewhat caught up on the piles of paperwork and filing that don’t typically take priority during the normal work week.

So here I was in my car thinking about the things that I was most definitely going to put off, and the items that I was going to file in my drawer, and I said a little prayer out loud asking God for a peaceful day and a little guidance. Right in the middle of my prayer, I became somewhat self conscious as other cars passed me on the freeway. Do they think I am crazy talking to myself? I must look like one of those funny people reciting Spanish learning tapes.

Just then I realized that my Bluetooth headset was in my ear. Whew…People just think I am on the phone at 7:15AM. Thanks for the hands-free law Mr. Schwarzenegger.

I admit there are many times I feel a bit strange speaking to an unseen entity. Are my prayers really going anywhere? Why even pray in the first place when God knows my needs before I even think about them? I wonder if praying just makes me feel better– like venting to a shrink or sharing some concerns with a good friend. Is this just some sort of supernatural counseling session, or a telephone call with no one on the other line?
It’s weird to think about, and I think that’s where I get a bit paranoid. Am I crazy? I mean, at least Moses got an audible voice from the burning bush. There is no voice responding to me out of my Bluetooth headset.

I would argue that I am not the first human over the course of history to feel this way. And I would also argue that this is exactly one reason why Jesus came to this earth. God Himself wanted to relate to us in a way that we would totally understand and comprehend. He loved us so much, that he wanted to be here with us…not at a spirit in the heavens, but as a person in HUMAN form. A person that we could have face-to-face conversations with, and heart-to-heart chats.

And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth. (John 1:14 )

I really began to ponder this for a little bit, and it emotionally moved me to think God was that serious about relating to His people. He longed to be with us so much that he literally came here and walked as flesh and blood among us. He no doubt felt the aches and pains that we feel, got frustrated with certain things, and yes…prayed to the heavens as we pray.

It is a beautiful thing to know that my prayers are understood not only in terms of their content and emotion, but also fully understood as the human longing in my soul for a relationship with my Creator. Because God was human he knows….

As I open up my day with a small prayer, I take comfort in knowing that I am reaching out to a Creator who is longing to reach out to me as well. He longs to be in relationship the same way I do, and despite my paranoia on the freeway, I think He might just be laughing along with me.