A savior has arrived in America. Someone so powerful as to bring a promise of hope to a new generation of people. “Yes we can” has replaced “Why should I care?”, and people everywhere are singing the song.

I can’t help but think about the arrival of Barack Obama and see the masses of Americans laying down palm tree branches as he rides in on a donkey. In unison everyone around me is chanting “Obama” as I look on in great wonder.

I am equally amazed at the deep passion, as well as distaste, leaders I respect are throwing towards his new thrown. Christian leaders with massive political influence are going great lengths to validate their political opinion with their audiences. “How I went from being a Regan Republican to being an Obama Democrat” is their new message preached from the pulpit. “Why Republican philosophy is most in line with scripture” messages fill the airwaves from the other side. Do we really care?

A good friend of mine expressed his disgust for religious leaders embracing politics and attempting to use their power to ‘will’ people to their side with eloquent speech and writings. He compared political parties to cheering for a sports team. So many factors from where you were born to how you were raised influence your preferences. Should we be spending our time convincing others we are right? Does anyone care? Would the topic of “How I became a Dodgers Fan when I grew up in Colorado” be any more relevant than a blog about red or blue state philosophy?

I know there is a time and a place for religion to intersect with politics. I am just not sure about this fine line and where it exists. I have a tendency to just wish it all stayed separate, but that’s just me.

I say all this in an effort to bring us all back to the root of what it is that really matters. While the America we know right now sings the praises of a new leader, it is our call to continue to point people towards the true Savior of mankind. If we fail in this effort, it all means nothing.

All that being said, I am truly excited to see the new passion that exists in the people around me when they discuss America. I am thrilled to see a nation that finally looked past the color of a person’s skin to vote their hearts. I hope and pray that this new day in America will indeed bring new life to a frustrated country. I pray that our new leadership will act in the best interest of God, in the best interest of our people and to protect the constitution. I pray that our country will never turn our back on our religious roots. I pray God’s will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

I am confident that as long as the church is in relationship with our Creator, God’s love will continue to change the world around us. This is the true and lasting message of hope.

Mark 11:10
Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David; Hosanna in the highest!”