This week has been the perfect storm. You know how sometimes everything hits at once? This has been one of those weeks. Nothing major really, just a bunch on inconveniences tied up in a ‘welcome to your week’ bow.

I was talking with my Mother about everything on the phone the other night, and she send me an e-mail that I thought was worth publishing. There is a pretty cool reference to the support a family provides us in time of need. I don’t think she noticed this at first, but it is in there. Anyway I hope people can take away the same encouragement I did. Thanks Mom…


“We are blessed to have our family in the Lord. It gives me peace to know that God cares for us and listens to our hearts. Years ago, I was feeling very discouraged about the stress of daily life. In addition to having a conversation with the Lord about this feeling and reading scripture, the Holy Spirit directed me to read in the Old Testament about David and his men in the battlefield. Saul was searching for David, who had hidden in a cave . When David’s family heard about it they went to help him.

“And every one that was in distress and every one that was in debt, and every one that was discontented, gathered themselves unto him; and he became a captain over them; and there were with him about four hundred men.” (I Samuel 22:2 )

I thought that those 3 phases described my feelings exactly:
-I was in distress
-I was in debt
-I was discontented

This scripture was describing David’s family and followers and yet it related to me. David became their captain and in verse 3 states that “I know what God will do for me”. I knew that God sent Jesus for me so that the ‘captives'(me & others)would be free and free indeed.

As I asked God to help me understand this scripture more, I felt an inner voice asking if I truly understood what ‘dis‘ as in ‘discontented’ meant. It was pointed out to me to think of ‘dis‘ as ‘Devil In-Side’. Anything that God has given us, such as contentment is contaminated with ‘dis’contenment, ease is contaminated with ‘dis’ease, courage is contaminated with ‘dis’courage, and etc.

It was a revelation for me and a definite turning point in my walk with Lord to walk with a hope and purpose in my heart. I have thought about this over the years many times, and always remember how very blessed it makes me feel to know that God is my captain, creator, and keeper of His promises to me. “

Lord God, help us to recognize the source of our blessings in life. Allow us to see the path of your perfect plan. Above all bring us all together as a family, and make our army stronger than ever.