James 4:14 “… You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away”

I had lunch with a friend of mine last week, and I was telling him all about my fascination with geology while I was in college. I remember vividly a time when we were doing a field study at about 8,000 feet outside of Boulder, CO. We were mapping rocks, (yeah I’m a nerd), when we came around a bend and saw an outcropping about ten feet high. Layers of sandstone and shale were in front of me stacked like layers of a giant wedding cake baked over millions of years. Under my feet was a sheet of shale in which was embedded a wide variety of sea shells, and prehistoric tracks. “All this used to be under the ocean”, I thought as I looked at the Boulder Mountain range in front of me. It was one of the coolest realizations in my short lived geological career. I was telling my buddy about this and he said, “Yeah, it makes you not really care so much about those 10 minutes you were late to that meeting.”

Seriously. I think it is a really interesting comment about time. Sometimes 10 minutes can be all it takes to say hello to a loved one, pray for guidance, read a devotion or commune with God in some other way. On the other hand, sometimes 10 minutes can mean the difference between first and last place in a race. I look at it like this, while 10 minutes is an insignificant amount of time in the eye of history, it could possibly be the most significant amount of time in your daily step towards eternity.

I challenged myself this week to take the small sacrifice of 10 minutes each day this week to do something that glorifies God. It does not seem like a lot of time, and it really is not. For me it is a step. Whether I call a friend to pray for them, or take 10 minutes to meditate and commune with my savior, it is 10 minutes closer to eternity.

“Lord let my 10 minutes count. Let the vapors of my brief life add up to something significant. May I leave behind a mark which represents you and all you have to eternally offer those who believe. Set us free…”