Working a pretty posh web design job in Los Angeles several years ago, I had the unique opportunity to head to work every day in flip flops, shorts and a hat on backwards. I worked with three other designers, and clocked a stress-free 6 hour day before heading home with 10 million other people in LA. I had no interaction with the clients who paid mass amounts of money that eventually trickled down to my landlord in the form of rent. I had no interaction with the idea people in Hollywood that I helped to craft multimedia pitches for new TV series’ they had dreamed up. I had no interaction with the software tech support people that kept my computer up and running. In fact, I had no phone at my desk to cause me any distractions whatsoever when it came to getting work done.

Sounds like paradise right? Well, on paper it sounds pretty good, until you factor in the irony of this job in West LA. Traffic. What my job lacked in personal interaction, the streets and highways made up for hundreds of times over. My silver sedan was like an ant in the middle of the world’s largest anthill. And the ants all stood still- for hours on end. My six hour day was a good 9 hour day when you incorporated my commute. People everywhere. All going somewhere. And I got to the point where I hated them all.

My wife and I eventually moved to San Diego, and I decided to swap the commute through traffic for a job where I interacted a lot more on a personal level with lots of people. My communication with others stopped consisting of hand gestures and verbal comments under my breath, to phone calls, business plans, and meetings. I loved the change. I had control of my destiny. Funny as it was, I really missed the human interaction that my LA job lacked, and I was able to start building relationships here in San Diego that helped me in my career. I even made some friends along the way. I wasn’t an ant anymore, I started to build a name for myself, and it felt good….

Fast forward 7 years. I am now a senior manager at a local Architectural firm. I have been approached in the last month with two separate unsolicited job offers based upon my reputation alone. People. The key to the whole deal. My passion for relationships and building business, has led to more opportunities, and has helped to open my eyes as to my potential as a professional. I am an important person now—-or am I?

I travelled back to New York City a couple of weeks ago, and once again was surrounded by thousands of people as they jammed their way into subways, taxis, streets, and yes- elevators. I was an ant once again. Nobody in the mist of everybody. Another set of eyes to view the changing lights of NYC. I started to notice how insignificant I really was. Waiting in the longest security line just to squeeze onto an oversold flight to fly home, I was a nobody in the sea of fish. How does God notice me out of all these people? How does God love each and every one of these people? There are so many.

It hit me. God wants to relate to ME. Out of all these people, the creator of the whole universe wants to relate to me.

I let that sink in for a second, and right there on the plane I put my sunglasses on and broke down. How in the world can we put this God off? Ignore the calling to relate with him daily? Forgive me Lord.

He loves all people this much which boggles my mind. These crowds and masses of people are all individuals to God. His passion that rests inside of me to relate to others and network in my life, is only a dim reflection of his desire to relate to us. He is never tucked away in a corner office with no phone, and for some selfish reason, many of us put him there. Forgive us Lord.

Lord help us to see others the way you see them. The crowd comprised of individuals. Help us have mercy and compassion on each person, and be a reflection of your desire to have relationships with each of us. Help us to spread the news. You love people. Help us see how much you want to relate to each of us daily. Forgive us when we ignore the call.

Your Friend and Follower,