Sometimes the cloudy days seem better. It’s depressing at times to look out my window and see the sun dancing amongst the trees outside as I sit in front of a computer screen. Chained to a desk of responsibility I drag myself out of bed each weekday to complete my obligation to the folks over at payroll. Living in San Diego has its downside. How much easier is it to roll out of a freezing cold bed, to go scrape ice off the window to head to a warm office where no one has any interest in heading outside until closing time? Feel my pain.

I think it is just the fact that it is the beginning of a new year. It is really tough to come back to the office after a long winter vacation where there are absolutely no worries or concerns. It should be a time of rejuvenation and coming back to work energized and ready to start fresh. Instead, no matter my intentions, I come back to work just to get blasted with two weeks of piled up paperwork, and deadlines. I came into work this morning to what felt like a hurricane of chaos. I feel like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars in the garbage pit with the walls closing in. Lord give me patience.

Funny how sometimes the perspective of life gets turned on its head sometimes. I look at homeless people here in San Diego, and there are times I envy how simple their lives must be. Living by the beach, camping out every night, and the only concern is where to eat next. No mortgage, no car payment, and heck, those guys are outside right now probably riding a beach cruiser down the boardwalk. Funny thing is they probably sit there and wonder how a 32-year-old guy like me can afford a home here, drive a nice car, and ride around on a carbon bike that I didn’t steal out of an open garage somewhere. I wonder if they feel like I do when I go running up in the Sunset Cliffs area and wonder how the heck anyone can afford to live in such huge homes with those amazing views.

This brings me back around to where I sit. It’s all perspective. No matter where you sit, you can be miserable, happy, bitter or thankful. Really, all of us should be thankful though. God has given us all amazing blessings whether material, physical, or spiritual. We are all human, and in this rat race we call life, there are no clearly defined lines of who is first and who is last. We all have our own order that exists only in our own minds. Once again, perception is key. Perhaps someone is sitting in their office in Colorado right now, looking out at the snow, and wishing more than anything they could be outside playing in it.

Lord, help me to be thankful where I am this day. Help me to constantly recognize that everything is a gift, and it all has purpose.