It has been a while since my last road trip. Most real road trips are planned for with excitement and the anticipation of seeing new countryside and landscapes in this amazing country. My past road trips have been comprised of everything from midnight bombs to Vegas from CO, long spring break drives to the ocean, and the occasional vacation.

This road trip was not one of those occasions. The blizzard of 2006 closed DIA, limiting our options to return home before Christmas Day. Our transportation home consisted of a rented 4 door corolla, 8 red bulls, two willing drivers, and a 17.5 hour drive. We decided to drive through the night taking shifts in order to make it there. While some might look at this as a huge problem, I must admit, I was excited for something a little different to compound the holiday drama. The only bummer was driving through the night, as the landscape views consisted of big rig taillights and reflective hash marks in the road. There was absolutely no moon that night, so the pitch black was indeed overwhelming.

Driving towards Needles California there was one point when I could only see the road a few hundred feet in front of the car. Curving roads and a lack of trucker tail lights to follow kept me on my toes as I drove ahead. My mind began to wander….

Why wasn’t I scared the road was going to end? I knew the asphalt continued on ahead despite my inability to see it. The road was there.

How often do we doubt the road exists when walking through life? What is going to happen tomorrow? Will I crash and burn? I can’t see the future, how do I know it’s there? Somehow we make it. Looking back on each of our lives, we can see places of great uncertainty and doubt that has surrounded us. Our roads were black before us.

We also can pick places where we have drive off the road. Bad decisions in our lives that have led to rough patches of road. The longer we drive off the road, the longer it takes to drive back to the smooth road. But we make it there.

I could go on for days, but I guess what I am getting at is if we trusted the Lord a little more that the road was there, continue to move forward down his path, we’ll get there. It does take a little faith and action, but we are driving down this road of life.

The best part of the drive was the sunrise through New Mexico. Better than any painting. Brush stokes of every color in the sky, mist on the ground, painted rocks, and a brilliant sun. Shows you that the dark times in our lives are necessary for the light to really shine through.

Well, enough deep thoughts for now. This road trip was a great reflection of life, and another adventure for Julie and I.